How To Find A Good Hair Vendor

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So you have made a wise choice and are ready to enter the hair extension business. There is no doubt that the virgin hair market is thriving right now. When you plan to start your hair business, the first important thing is to find a good hair vendor. How to get the best hair extension from hundreds of hair suppliers? LeShine, one of the Top Hair Vendors from China, will tell you!


Why Do You Need A Good Hair Vendor?

Finding a good hair vendor is your first step in starting a successful hair extension business! Choose high-quality hair from a reputable vendor, and you will be able to accomplish all your objectives and create significant profit. Poor quality and delayed shipments may cause you to lose costs and customers. Only by establishing connections with reliable and reputable human hair vendors can provide you with reasonable transactions and be competitive. Not only that, you can save tons of trouble with the proper vendor and avoid unhappy customers & bad reviews.


Where To Find A Good Hair Supplier?

(1)From Internet: Search Human Hair Factories from Alibaba, Google, etc. You can save a lot of time and money, and you can get all the information about hair vendors.

(2)Visit The Hair Factory: China is the largest hair manufacturing base in the world. There are many hair manufacturers in cities such as Juancheng, Qingdao and Xuchang. The biggest advantage of visiting the hair factory is that you can see the factory with your own eyes and test the hair extensions by yourself. You will clearly know what quality hair materials these hair factories use, and understand the entire production process.


Ask For Price Lists And Questions

Once you find a vendor that you like, give them a list of the products that you plan to sell and ask for price lists. For example, if you want to sell tape hair extensions, keratin hair or handtied weft, you should ask for price lists for these products.

A vendor that is sure of their products should not mind you asking questions. If you come across someone that’s getting annoyed because you’re questioning them about their product, ou may want to look for another vendor.


Get The Policy Of The Hair Vendor

Is there guarantee of hair? What are their terms of sales and aftersales? A good supplier will explain this information to you very clearly. If information is missing like return and exchanges policy, shipping times policy, aftersales policy, you may need to look for next hair vendor.


Ask For Hair Samples

Ask for hair samples before you place a bulk order. Getting a sample is a great way to get a sense for the quality. It is an entirely reasonable request if you are reluctant to put a bulk order of unseen products.


Hair business is a very promising industry, but it requires a good planning for finding the best hair vendor and making the good marketing strategy. If you are looking for a hair vendor with the above benefits, then LeShine Hair must be your ideal choice, we are confident to be your great business partner. LeShine’s mission is to provide quality hair and professional services to empower our clients. Contact us now!

How To Start A Hair Extensions Business

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According to relevant data, hair extensions business has developed into a multi-billion-dollar industry and will grow at a rate of 4% per year. Hair extension is now an accepted norm that people like to use on not only special occasions, but as an everyday wear.

As a hair factory with 30 years of production and sales experience, we receive hundreds of emails every year asking how to start a hair extension business, and help many beginners become entrepreneurs.

We could say it is not easy. We have summarized some key points that we hope will help you get a basic understanding of getting started with your hair extension business.


Make a Hair Business Plan

The first thing you need to do in order to establish a hair extensions business is to make a plan. Making a hair business plan from scratch may not sound like a great deal of fun. However, this may provide you with good guidance and it shows that you are taking your new career seriously. By making a detailed plan for your hair extension business, you can project your income and be ready for any instabilities or problems before they turn up.


Figure Out Your Business Brand

The business name is actually important to you. We recommend using a specific name so that anyone can immediately see what you are doing. For example, LeShine Hair Extensions. Everyone will know that you are selling hair because you have emphasized that your business is about hair.

LeShine also provides FREE LOGO & PACKAGING DESIGN services for wholesale customers. You can contact us for FREE LOGO & PACKAGING DESIGN.


Find A Trustworthy Hair Extension Supplier

Finding a good hair supplier is the key and also the hardest part for your hair extension business. We have another blog talking about how to find a good hair supplier in details.

We advise that you’d better not to choose your local vendors in the United States, in the Canada, etc. Because they are not real hair manufacturers, they may also buy hair from hair origin like China. And they actually add some margin to their price. You will not get the best price from them than from a directly China hair factory like LeShine Hair Factory.

LeShine can not only provide high-quality hair extension, but also give you the best support when you are in need. We welcome customers to video chat with us to see the hair or you can come to visit our factory. Also, you can contact us for samples.


Promote Your Brand

Social networks have great potential when it comes to promoting your brand. Through social media such as YouTube and Instagram, you can easily promote your hair extensions business. The key to running a successful social media account is post fascinating photos and creative videos that women would like to see. You can also post your own hair extensions, some useful hair tutorials, and everything you can think of to promote your hair brand.


Overall, starting a hair extensions business is not an easy task. You need to be very selective about the supplier and quality of your product, you also need to market it to the right audience. But if you follow these steps given above, it will not that difficult!

Looking for a hair factory? feel free to contact us, email:, our sales manager would contact you and provide our best service. Welcome new clients from all around the world!

Hair extensions

Hair Extensions Guide 101

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Life is way too short to wish time away waiting for your hair to grow! It can take years for you to grow your hair to the length you want.

But you can have the gorgeous, flowing locks your banging personality deserves. You don’t have to wait for it. The solution is hair extensions. They allow you to have the length you are obsessing over at the moment, plus you can switch it up as much as you want.


Hair extensions are divided into two types according to materials, one is human hair and the other is synthetic hair. The raw material of human hair extensions is real human hair. All LeShines hair extensions are real human hair.

Just like natural hair, hair extensions have many options in terms of color, length and thickness, allowing hair extensions to blend with natural hair. Now let’s talk about different types of hair extensions.


Tape Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are exactly what they sound like. The extensions are pre-taped and then they are glued to the sides of your hair. Tape in hair is semi-permanent and their attraction is mainly due to their ease of installation. LeShine Tape Hair can be used without any tools for 1 to 2 years and can be reused 3 to 4 times. If you’re looking for hair extensions that can easily wear in a few hours, tape extensions are the best choice.


Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

fusion hair extensions1

Fusion hair extensions (also known as pre-bonded hair extensions or keratin hair) are are glued to natural hair. Fusion extensions are a time-tested method that looks great, especially for lush, full, and thick hair. Keratin hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extension, mainly because it’s the oldest and most traditional method of hair extensions. Most stylists and customers love fusion hair extensions because it lasts long and looks natural.


Hair Weft

Weaving hair extensions1

Hair weft is a kind of hair extension, which is used to increase the hair volume of a person and can be directly woven onto a person’s hair. The method of wearing the hair weft is to weave a cornrow in your hair. Then use a needle and cotton thread to sew the hair weft on the cornrow. The advantage of hair weft is that they are suitable for all types of hair. Hair weft is generally applied by professional stylists because they require certain techniques and skills.


Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions are easy to apply and temporary. Application takes a matter of minutes. They attach using pressure sensitive clips so they don’t cause damage to your hair. If used correctly, the clip in hair extensions have the least damage to your hair because they are not attached to the braid. This is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to get long, thick hair. This means you can wear them yourself without going to the salon to find a professional stylist. A quality set of clip-in extensions costs less than expensive and time-consuming trips to the salon. For those who want to get thicker hair and longer hair in a few minutes, this is the perfect solution.


As soon as you apply hair extensions, people start wondering how you suddenly got such longer and thicker hair, as they won’t be able to judge in any way that you are wearing extensions. Suitable for all hair types and head shapes, they perfectly blend with your natural look and give you that extra volume you desired.

Looking for instant volume and length for your hair? LeShine is undoubtedly the ultimate choice.


Genius Weft 2022 New Trend Most Popular Super Thin Weft

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The Genius Weft is the thinnest, flattest and lightest weft in LeShine. Genius Weft offers a beautiful, high-quality hair extensions experience. LeShine’s new invisible genius weft uses 100% remy human hair ponytail.

genius hair weft

At first glance, you might confuse genius weft with flat weft because they look quite similar. However, there are key differences between the two.

Let’s clear up the confusion!


What is Genius Weft?

In May 2021, after a series of complex processes, LeShine CEO Mr. Cao and his R&D team finally developed the Genius Weft, and LeShine’s operations team began to market this new Genius Weft in October 2021. In order to ensure the quality of the weft, we spent 5 months doing various rigorous hair tests on the genius weft hair, and the weft finally passed all the tests.

genius hair weft

Genius Weft is is really thin and light, and this makes the weft lay flat and invisible on head. Much more comfortable than handtied weft, machine weft or other type wefts.


Genius Weft Pros

Ultra Thin Weft


The Genius Weft is only 0.7 mm thick. LeShine’s R&D team upgraded the production process of Flat Weft to minimize the thickness and height of the Genius Weft. At the same time, ensure the weft sheddinig free.


Can Be Cut


The flexible genius weft can be cut just like machine weft at any point.


No Return Hair


The genius weft has no return hair at all, this helps avoid scalp irritation and tangle on the hair weft edge. Genius weft hair extensions are the most comfortable in the hair industry currently.


More Seamless Experience

Genius Weft, unlike handtied weft or machine weft, is thinner and barely visible. Because of this, they seamlessly blend into your natural hair.



These characteristics make genius weft the best choice when picking out your extensions. Genius Weft can be treated and maintained like your natural hair. They can be washed, straightened, or curled to blend with your hair.


Even at the after 1 year, genius weft extensions can be kept for reuse. However, this is dependent on how well you care for the hair. The best part about the installation of genius weft is the fact that they don’t require heat or any bonding glue. It can be easily installed without damaging your hair. From the installation process to maintenance, this hair was created for your convenience. Shop high quality hand-tied hair extensions now!



Now that you have learned about the benefits of genius weft, I am sure you are ready to try them out!


LeShine is the top hair factory in China and only pick out 20% top quality hair from raw hair market to make hair extensions. Neither you nor your clients need to worry about hair quality.

Getting good hair is just as important as the method used to install it, and choose LeShine to get a full head of fabulous hair and become the envy of the room.

55cm Hair Extension Installation at LESHINE HAIR SALON on 1st Sep. 2017

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Original Hair Length: 40cm, Finish Hair Length: 55cm

55cm Hair Extension Installation at LESHINE HAIR SALON on 1st Sep. 2017

Time List:

·Dying:20 mins

·Washing: 10 mins

·Installation:3 hrs 05 mins

·Washing: 15 mins

·Blow-dry: 10 mins

·Straightening: 15 mins

·Trimming: 10 mins

Total Processing time: 4 hrs 25 mins

Staff List:

  • Installation by Hair Stylists Chao & Sunny
  • Dying,Washing,Blow-dry by Hair Assistant Ally
  • Photography by Ken Teng
  • Article Post by Richy Sun
  • Special Thanks to Miss.Chang