Genius Weft 2022 New Trend Most Popular Super Thin Weft


Genius Weft 2022 New Trend Most Popular Super Thin Weft

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The Genius Weft is the thinnest, flattest and lightest weft in LeShine. Genius Weft offers a beautiful, high-quality hair extensions experience. LeShine’s new invisible genius weft uses 100% remy human hair ponytail.

genius hair weft

At first glance, you might confuse genius weft with flat weft because they look quite similar. However, there are key differences between the two.

Let’s clear up the confusion!


What is Genius Weft?

In May 2021, after a series of complex processes, LeShine CEO Mr. Cao and his R&D team finally developed the Genius Weft, and LeShine’s operations team began to market this new Genius Weft in October 2021. In order to ensure the quality of the weft, we spent 5 months doing various rigorous hair tests on the genius weft hair, and the weft finally passed all the tests.

genius hair weft

Genius Weft is is really thin and light, and this makes the weft lay flat and invisible on head. Much more comfortable than handtied weft, machine weft or other type wefts.


Genius Weft Pros

Ultra Thin Weft


The Genius Weft is only 0.7 mm thick. LeShine’s R&D team upgraded the production process of Flat Weft to minimize the thickness and height of the Genius Weft. At the same time, ensure the weft sheddinig free.


Can Be Cut


The flexible genius weft can be cut just like machine weft at any point.


No Return Hair


The genius weft has no return hair at all, this helps avoid scalp irritation and tangle on the hair weft edge. Genius weft hair extensions are the most comfortable in the hair industry currently.


More Seamless Experience

Genius Weft, unlike handtied weft or machine weft, is thinner and barely visible. Because of this, they seamlessly blend into your natural hair.



These characteristics make genius weft the best choice when picking out your extensions. Genius Weft can be treated and maintained like your natural hair. They can be washed, straightened, or curled to blend with your hair.


Even at the after 1 year, genius weft extensions can be kept for reuse. However, this is dependent on how well you care for the hair. The best part about the installation of genius weft is the fact that they don’t require heat or any bonding glue. It can be easily installed without damaging your hair. From the installation process to maintenance, this hair was created for your convenience. Shop high quality hand-tied hair extensions now!



Now that you have learned about the benefits of genius weft, I am sure you are ready to try them out!


LeShine is the top hair factory in China and only pick out 20% top quality hair from raw hair market to make hair extensions. Neither you nor your clients need to worry about hair quality.

Getting good hair is just as important as the method used to install it, and choose LeShine to get a full head of fabulous hair and become the envy of the room.