How To Start A Hair Extensions Business

How To Start A Hair Extensions Business

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According to relevant data, hair extensions business has developed into a multi-billion-dollar industry and will grow at a rate of 4% per year. Hair extension is now an accepted norm that people like to use on not only special occasions, but as an everyday wear.

As a hair factory with 30 years of production and sales experience, we receive hundreds of emails every year asking how to start a hair extension business, and help many beginners become entrepreneurs.

We could say it is not easy. We have summarized some key points that we hope will help you get a basic understanding of getting started with your hair extension business.


Make a Hair Business Plan

The first thing you need to do in order to establish a hair extensions business is to make a plan. Making a hair business plan from scratch may not sound like a great deal of fun. However, this may provide you with good guidance and it shows that you are taking your new career seriously. By making a detailed plan for your hair extension business, you can project your income and be ready for any instabilities or problems before they turn up.


Figure Out Your Business Brand

The business name is actually important to you. We recommend using a specific name so that anyone can immediately see what you are doing. For example, LeShine Hair Extensions. Everyone will know that you are selling hair because you have emphasized that your business is about hair.

LeShine also provides FREE LOGO & PACKAGING DESIGN services for wholesale customers. You can contact us for FREE LOGO & PACKAGING DESIGN.


Find A Trustworthy Hair Extension Supplier

Finding a good hair supplier is the key and also the hardest part for your hair extension business. We have another blog talking about how to find a good hair supplier in details.

We advise that you’d better not to choose your local vendors in the United States, in the Canada, etc. Because they are not real hair manufacturers, they may also buy hair from hair origin like China. And they actually add some margin to their price. You will not get the best price from them than from a directly China hair factory like LeShine Hair Factory.

LeShine can not only provide high-quality hair extension, but also give you the best support when you are in need. We welcome customers to video chat with us to see the hair or you can come to visit our factory. Also, you can contact us for samples.


Promote Your Brand

Social networks have great potential when it comes to promoting your brand. Through social media such as YouTube and Instagram, you can easily promote your hair extensions business. The key to running a successful social media account is post fascinating photos and creative videos that women would like to see. You can also post your own hair extensions, some useful hair tutorials, and everything you can think of to promote your hair brand.


Overall, starting a hair extensions business is not an easy task. You need to be very selective about the supplier and quality of your product, you also need to market it to the right audience. But if you follow these steps given above, it will not that difficult!

Looking for a hair factory? feel free to contact us, email:, our sales manager would contact you and provide our best service. Welcome new clients from all around the world!